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The Duffer Brothers are American twin brothers who are best known for creating and directing the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things.” Born on February 15, 1984, in Durham, North Carolina, Ross and Matt Duffer grew up in a family of filmmakers and were exposed to the world of cinema from an early age. They both went to Chapman University in California, where they studied film and made several short films together.

After graduating from Chapman, the Duffer Brothers began working on various film and TV projects, including writing and directing the horror film “Hidden” in 2015. However, it was their work on “Stranger Things” that made them household names. The show, which premiered in 2016, was an instant hit and has since become one of Netflix’s most successful original series.

The Duffer Brothers have been praised for their ability to capture the look and feel of classic ’80s films and TV shows while still creating something fresh and original. They have cited directors such as Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, and Stephen King as major influences on their work. In addition to “Stranger Things,” the Duffer Brothers are also involved in several other film and TV projects, including a new adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Talisman.”

Career & Projects:

In addition to “Stranger Things,” the Duffer Brothers have worked on a number of other film and television projects throughout their careers. Here are some highlights:

  • “We All Fall Down” (2014): This was the Duffer Brothers’ feature film debut, which they wrote, directed, and produced. It’s a post-apocalyptic thriller about a family struggling to survive after a virus wipes out most of the world’s population.
  • “Hidden” (2015): This horror film was directed by the Duffer Brothers and stars Alexander Skarsgård as a man who takes his family into hiding after a mysterious outbreak begins to turn people into violent killers.
  • “Stranger Things” (2016-present): This science fiction/horror series, created by the Duffer Brothers, is set in the 1980s and follows a group of kids who become involved in a supernatural conspiracy involving a girl with telekinetic powers, a top-secret government laboratory, and a terrifying monster from another dimension.
  • “Beyond Stranger Things” (2017): This is a Netflix aftershow for “Stranger Things” that was hosted by Jim Rash and featured interviews with the cast and crew, including the Duffer Brothers.
  • “Tales from the Loop” (2020): This science fiction series, which the Duffer Brothers executive produced, is based on the artwork of Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag and tells a series of interconnected stories about people living in a town above a machine that can alter the laws of physics.
  • “The Talisman” (in development): The Duffer Brothers are developing a series adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “The Talisman” for Netflix.
Duffer Brothers Phone Numbr, House Address and Email Address
American Producers Duffer Brothers Phone Number, House and Email Address

Birth Name:Duffer brothers (Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer)
Age:39 years old
Date of Birth: February 15, 1984
Benji Krol

The self-titled YouTube channel where he has published a variety of vlogs.

Birth Place:United States
Profession:Producers, Directors

Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer Phone number:

Contact Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer via Phone number. Dialing Code is +1 to connect the call.

  • Duffer brothers Whatsapp Number: (+1) (view)
  • Duffer Brothers Phone Number: (+1) (view)
  • Office Number: N/A
  • Fax Number: 567 417 Duffer
  • Telephone Dialing code: +1

Best time to call: 10 AM – 6 PM

Other Contact Methods:

  1. Email: You can try emailing the Duffer Brothers at the email address listed on their official website (dufferbros@gmail.com). Keep in mind that they likely receive a large volume of emails, so there’s no guarantee that they will respond.
  2. Postal mail: If you prefer to send a physical letter or package, you can try mailing it to the Duffer Brothers’ production company, Monkey Massacre Productions, at the following address: Monkey Massacre Productions Attn: The Duffer Brothers 6007 Sepulveda Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91411
  3. Again, there’s no guarantee that they will receive or respond to your mail, but this is one option if you want to try.
  4. Talent agency: The Duffer Brothers are represented by the Creative Artists Agency (CAA), which is one of the largest talent agencies in the world. If you have a professional reason for contacting them (such as a business proposal), you may be able to get in touch with them through their agents at CAA. You can reach CAA at the following address: Creative Artists Agency 2000 Avenue of the Stars Los Angeles, CA 90067
  5. Social media: While the Duffer Brothers are not known to be very active on social media, they do have official accounts on several platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. You can try sending them a message or mentioning them in a post, but again, there’s no guarantee that they will see or respond to your message. Here are their official social media handles: Twitter: @DufferBrothers Instagram: @dufferbros
  6. In-person events: The Duffer Brothers occasionally make public appearances at events such as comic book conventions or film festivals. If you happen to be attending one of these events and they are scheduled to appear, you may be able to meet them in person and ask any questions you have.

Social Media Contact Methods & Links:

  1. Twitter: https://twitter.com/dufferbrothers
  2. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dufferbros/
  3. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dufferbrothers/
  4. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7kl9zDEBA9JZcSXAW_U1uQ

Finance Numbers:

Net worth and financial growth are described here.

Career Starts:2005
Monthly Income:est. $10M
Net Worth:est. $250 million
Purchases:Cars, Bikes, Property and Gifts.
Benji Krol Worth


Duffer Brothers are a successful and talented duo in the entertainment industry, best known for creating the hit series “Stranger Things.” They have also worked on other projects such as “Hidden,” “We All Fall Down,” “Tales from the Loop,” and are currently developing an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “The Talisman” for Netflix. While they may not be very active on social media, there are still ways to contact them, including through email, postal mail, their talent agency, social media, and in-person events. However, it’s important to remember that they are busy professionals who may not be able to respond to every message they receive.

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